An obsessive campaign of slander and character attacks from Covington's unstable and estranged younger brother is rarely directly addressed by the poet, and the vast majority of these inflammatory statements have been and can easily be proved false.


  Says PW, "With my past, I simply do not feel entitled to any 'privacy'. As a poet and a writer, my intent is to connect with the audience, and if that means denying my right to keep things discrete or to myself, especially about my past, then that's part of the deal. Lies will change and be morphed into whatever form they need to take in order to best serve those that tell them; the truth never changes. I connect using the truth of poetry and passion, there is no room for privacy in my life. No lie or slander can live long under that kind of light..."

  PW has found it neccisary to keep a variety of official documents, medical and legal records, and credentials with him, at all times.  If you are a venue manager or promoter that has been contacted by Jason, in an attempt to "warn" you about PW, please, let the writer know, directly.

     PW Covington is the hope inside of all of us on our worst day.


  He is the quiet voice, screaming inside our soul that refuses to accept defeat, even when we must lose.


  He is the things we can only find after we have lost everything.