PW Covington's writing is raw, powerful, and carries the voice of his hard-lived curriculum vitae. His poetry and prose is undeniably of Beat lineage, and his words have the power to carry the full weight of desperate yet hopeful experience.

Incarceration, Poverty, War, Heartbreak, Homelessness, Isolation, these are the roots of Covington's work, but his voice is neither bitter nor caustic. It is, in his own way, hopeful.

OUT ON THE ROAD: Catch PW live in 2017

With Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the USA at UTRGV-Edinburg
With Juan Felipe Herrera, Poet Laureate of the USA at UTRGV-Edinburg
Festival of International Books and Art (FESTIBA), Brownsville, TX
Festival of International Books and Art (FESTIBA), Brownsville, TX

  Every Spring, all over the nation, poetry happens. In classrooms, conference centers, libraries, bookstores, and bars,  words are being spoken to define our reality and focus our future.
  From where the Rio Grande River meets the Gulf of Mexico, to the San Francisco Bay, PW will be hitting the road for festivals and featured readings.
   There's lots of new poetry to share and so much yet to be written...
  Now more than ever, America NEEDS to be hearing from its poetic outlaws!

Stand up, speak out, come together, and RESIST, RESIST, RESIST!

Covington Awarded International Prize

On September 1, 2016, in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hourglass Literary Magazine awarded PW Covington the Literature & Latte Scrivener Award for poetry. 

Judges were Sibelan Forrester, Poet and Professor of Russian, Swathmore College, John K. Cox, professor of history, North Dakota State University (Fargo), and Jelena Lengold of Belgrade, who was awarded the Biljana Jovanović award, Female Pen award, “Zlatni hit liber” and EU award for literature for her collection of stories “Fairground Magician”.

Covington received a monetary honorarium along with other prizes and will have his winning poem, "Value Menu", published and translated into Bosnian-Croatian-Montenegrin-Serbian (BCMS) for inclusion in a future issue of Hourglass.


Friday, May 13th was very lucky for those in attendance at The Beat Museum in San Francisco's legendary North Beach neighborhood.

PW rocked the rafters upstairs, reading from both the "IDNGLFT" and "Sacred Wounds" collections (as well as sharing poetry from  border Beat friends of his, and brand new, yet to be collected, works).

Bay area poets SB Stokes and E.K. Keith each brought their own soul and shine to the night, and many thanks go out to Jerry, Bob, and all that keep The Beat Museum running. Everyday, this cultural treasure helps educate, enlighten, and entertain visitors from all over the globe about not just the past traditions and heritage of Beat Generation writers, but the continuing Beat diaspora. 

Beat isn't a "style" of writing so much as it is a way of living, and The Beat Museum is doing its part to keep that legacy alive and accessible to all that seek it out.

It was a GREAT night in North Beach!

"SACRED WOUNDS" published by                Slough Press

     His latest poetry collection, Sacred Wounds, published by legendary Texas small publisher, Slough Press, and edited by Texas Beat pioneer, Chuck Taylor, Jr., 
continues the Beat tradition of the American road-warrior poet. Covington's work is rooted in his personal experiences and in the energy of movement.
    These poems take us from the war-ravaged airfields of Somalia to south Texas ranches, from the badlands of Utah to the Bay Area underground, and from the isolated introspection of a prison cell to the foot lights of the spoken word stage. His poems will resonate with any reader that loves the rush of wind through their hair; any reader that fights against injustice, the status quo, or parochialism; any reader that still believes in the promise held by mountains on the horizon.
    The poetry is out there, and PW Covington has brought it back, in this new book.

   The writer currently resides in a small South Texas city, where he remains involved in a variety of progressive and social causes, including homelessness outreach and prevention and Veteran's advocacy. He has worked with disaster relief teams in major disaster zones across the region and nation. He is active in homelessness outreach in his local community.
    Covington frequently donates his time and talents to benefits and other activities organized to support immigrants, human rights and social justice causes along the US/Mexico border.

PW Covington is featured in the VA's National "Crisis Line" outreach campaign
PW Covington is featured in the VA's National "Crisis Line" outreach campaign

     PW Covington is the hope inside of all of us on our worst day.


  He is the quiet voice, screaming inside our soul that refuses to accept defeat, even when we must lose.


  He is the things we can only find after we have lost everything.